Morrheat Waste Oil Heating SolutionsWith over 35 years of collective experience in the waste oil heating industry, as the leading competitor in the market place, MorrHeat Waste Oil Heating Solutions offers high quality waste oil heaters and waste oil boilers for commercial and some residential applications.

Our waste oil heaters are a U.S. made product manufactured with strength, quality materials and excellence so the end user has the best experience possible when burning and recycling used motor oils as a free heating source.

Our waste oil boilers are made up of multiple cast iron sections creating a triple pass design built to last. These boilers have been proven high quality in the radiant heating market place for over 100 years and are preferred by many contractors and plumbers that install and maintain radiant or hot water systems.

Both the waste oil heaters and waste oil boilers come standard with MorrHeat’s waste oil burner and fuel pump assembly. With full control over the waste oils being burnt and the on-board air compressor eliminating the need for shop air, it’s an easy choice when you’re looking for quality and something very user friendly, easy to clean and efficient.

MorrHeat waste oil burners allow a very large range of waste oils that can be burnt when others may not recommend and all of our waste oil heaters and waste oil boilers have hinged doors for easy cleaning and ash removal. Because when it’s easier to clean the heating unit, it’s easier to keep the heating unit clean for optimal performance.

The very quick ROI, generous warranty, quality construction and performance of the product along with the efficiency, easy maintenance & usability makes the initial purchase easy to make. With a full parts department we’re always here for our customers after the initial purchase and look forward to heating your facility and lowering your overhead costs for years to come.