• Hunter Titan HVLS Fan

    Titan, Hunter’s flagship HVLS fan, provides the widespread air movement facilities need to help drive down operating costs year-round, while keeping occupants comfortable and safe.

    Titan’s direct drive motor technology is…



  • Hunter XP Fan- 7ft to 14ft

    The highly efficient Hunter XP HVLS Fan is designed for year-round cost savings, comfort, and hassle-free installation. Engineered with a direct drive motor and industrial components, XP fans come with…



  • Hunter 350 Series Fan Controller

    A clean and simple 1:1 digital wall controller for managing any of Hunter’s HVLS fan’s basic operations.    

    Compatible with the Titan, Eco and XP Lines

    Standard Lead Time is 10 business days….



  • Hunter 500 Series Fan Controller

    The perfect choice for the facility that needs additional features or the ability to control multiple fans uniquely from a single wall controller.

    Compatible with the Titan, Eco and XP Lines




  • Hunter 700 Series Fan Controller

    Keeps your facility comfortable while optimally operating your fans by using the conditions in the space as a guide. Complete with ceiling and floor temperature and humidity sensors, the 700E…