MHB280 Waste Oil Boiler

MHB280 Waste Oil Boiler

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MHB280 is the most popular and most efficient MorrHeat waste oil boiler offered.  This power house of a boiler, yet very efficient 280,000 BTU waste oil boiler is perfect for the mid-sized shop or garage setting.  This triple-pass cast-iron boiler comes standard with a stainless steel insert and burns less than two (2) gallons per hour while operating.  The impressive ease of maintenance and efficiency of this MorrHeat waste oil boiler makes it a very eco-friendly, inexpensive, warm & comfortable heating solution.

While enjoying the heat and comfort of this powerful radiant waste oil boiler you will have the piece of mind knowing you’ll be saving the overhead on any hauling fees associated with your waste oil removal & recycling process, you will lower or even potentially eliminate your current natural gas or propane bill and the boiler unit will pay for itself over the course of a couple of winter seasons, unlike conventional natural gas or propane boilers.

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Weight 1350 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 33 × 38 in