• Air Band

    2-part Air Band replacement for all MH-Series burners. Once replaced, please feel free to contact the factory for guidance on setting the air band appropriately.



  • Air Compressor

    Compressor replacement for all MH & MHB Series burners 2019 & newer, except for shop air configurations. Full assemblies including the air filter, speed control muffler and fittings are also…



  • Air Filter Canister w/ Filter

    Replacement Air Cannister for MH-Series burners, other than shop air configurations. Includes one replacement air filter element.



  • Air Filter Element Replacement

    Replacement element for MH-Series burners with on-board air compressors. To access the element, simply twist the top of the air canister off and remove. A clean filter is crucial to…



  • Air Fitting Kit

    For use with all MH-Series burner assemblies.

    Kit contains (2) each of the 90° air fitting and the straight air fitting.



  • Air Regulator

    Air Regulator for all MH Series Burner Assemblies with Shop Air Setups.



  • Boiler Tube Insert

    We carry tube inserts to fit all MHB Model boilers as well as competitor units using FW-Series or Vitorond 100 Series boilers.



  • Burner & Pump Parts Kit

    Parts Kit for both burners and pumps. Kit includes:

    *Electrodes *Heat Rod *Snap Switch *Nozzle *Photo Eye (no wires) *Air Filter Element *Thermocouple *Valve Solenoid *Fuel Filter

    Currently Parts kits are only…



  • Burner Assembly w/ On Board Compressor- 120V or 240V

    Plug & Play burner assembly compatible with all MH model heaters. Easily mounts to most competitor heaters as well! Available in 120V or 240V models.

    The burner tube diameter is 4…



  • Burner Assembly w/ Shop Air Regulator- 120V

    Plug & Play burner assembly compatible with all MH model heaters. Set up to quickly connect to your current shop compressor system, this unit is quieter and requires less maintenance…



  • Burner Fitting Kit



  • Burner Gasket

    Replacement gasket for all MH-Series burners. When removing your burner assembly from your unit, be sure to check the integrity of your gasket. If damaged, it is essential to replace…